Our programs

We develop and deliver a range of healthy lifestyle and weight management programs. Complete with program training and full supporting resource packs, our programs are able to be delivered immediately in your local community or workplace setting.  

A list of our current programs is below. If you would like additional information on any of our programs please contact us.

Better Health Program

The Better Health Program is an evidence based child obesity treatment and prevention program for primary school aged children. The program is delivered in local communities and runs 2 hour sessions for parents and children, either once per week or twice per week. The program sessions cover content in relation to nutrition and behaviour change and then children have a one hour physical activity session with a trained professional while parents receive specialised support from health professionals.

The program is currently offered free of charge for families in Perth, WA. If you are looking to register a child, or receive further information, please visit betterhealthprogram.org , call 1300 822 953 or SMS 0409 745 645 for a call back.


The Go4Fun program is a state-wide initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health. Go4Fun is a free, healthy lifestyle program supporting children to become active, healthy and happy. The program focuses on improving eating habits, fitness, teamwork and overall health by encouraging a whole family approach to healthy lifestyle behaviours. Go4Fun programs are delivered by qualified health professionals and take place after school during the school term. Children and families have fun while they learn new skills, meet new friends in their local areas.

This evidence based program has been delivered in multiple sites across NSW for 5 years and is achieving significant and sustained health outcomes for participating children and families. Registrations are available for children currently above a healthy weight; a parent or carer must attend all sessions with the children.

If you are looking to register a child, or receive further information, please visit go4fun.com.au, call our FreeCall number of 1800 780 900 or SMS 0409 745 645 for a call back.

Adult Better Health Program

The Adult Better Health Program is a weight management program for adults in a community or workplace setting. This 10 week program provides practical, informative sessions combining the essential components of weight management in adults: nutrition, psychology and physical activity. The program is available in a face to face group or online delivery format.

If you are interested in attending a local program – or in delivering a program in your local area, please contact us for more details. To register for the program, click here

Toddler Better Health Program

Toddler Better Health Program is a 10 week healthy lifestyle program for families with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. This toddler focused program involves fun, game based education sessions for parents and children about good nutrition, behaviour management and the importance of physical activity and active play for young children. The program delivers a 90 minute session each week for 10 weeks.

The program package provides you with best practice program delivery, relevant and accurate information aligned with current government guidance and high quality, practical resources. A two day Program leader training course is required to be completed prior to program delivery and comprehensive resource packs are provided to enable immediate program delivery in your local area.

Please contact us for additional information.