To best support our programs and our partners, we offer extensive training packages and programs. Our professional development training courses are developed and written by experienced health professionals including health psychologists, dietitians and exercise professionals and all content aligns to current Australian guidance and recommendations.  

Our training programs are delivered online and in face to face group sessions in locations across Australia and New Zealand. Training programs focus on topics related to nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change across all ages and life stages and new courses are added regularly

Online training courses are excellent way to deliver comprehensive, evidence based information to local health, fitness and education professionals in an immediate and cost effective manner. Our interactive, engaging training programs provide participants with the skills and information needed to provide appropriate support for local families, children and adults wanting to live healthier lifestyles.

Talking with parents about children’s weight

The Talking with Parents about Children’s Weight training is available in online and face to face formats. Designed for health and community professionals, the training aims to provide information and training for professionals working with children and families in various capacities, who may have a role to play in raising the issue of weight with families or encouraging referrals to appropriate services.

Participants are provided with information about the causes and consequences of child overweight and obesity, how to accurately define and measure obesity in childhood, how to explain weight status in a way that is sensitive, non-judgemental and promotes lifestyle change and how to apply these skills to their own professional background and setting. Please note, the training is free for health and community professionals in WA due to funding from the WA Department of Health under the Healthy Children’s Initiative.

To find out more or to register, please visit If you already have a username and password, you can access the course at

Child Obesity Awareness Training

The Child Obesity Awareness Training is available in online and face to face formats. Designed for health professionals, community practitioners and front-line staff working with children and their families, the training provides a comprehensive overview of child overweight and obesity, including its prevalence, causes, consequences, assessment and management.

The training has been developed by health professionals with extensive experience working in child obesity settings.

To purchase training, please Contact Us If you already have a username and password, you can access the course at .

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