Fun, practical resources supporting healthy lifestyle behaviours

Years of designing, developing and implementing healthy lifestyle, obesity prevention and weight management interventions has shown us the importance of high quality, practical and easy to use resources to support change. Our team of health professionals know that changing unhealthy behaviours can be tricky; so they have developed a range of resources designed to make healthy lifestyle behaviours easier to achieve.

We also know that community based health professionals working sometimes lack great quality, innovative and readily available resources to support clinical work with their clients. Interactive and practical resources engage clients of all ages and can assist in achieving change; however time poor health professionals often lack the funding, capacity and expertise to develop and produce interactive resources from scratch.

Better Health Resources was launched in response to this need and to provide web based access for health professionals regardless of their location.

Our resources have been designed to support:

  • Health, fitness, community or education professional working with children, families or adults on healthy lifestyle initiatives
  • Health promotion teams working on health initiatives that require supporting resources
  • Workplaces looking to engage staff, stakeholders or communities in healthy lifestyle behaviours
  • Health professionals looking for evidence based resources to support clinical work with a range of clients
  • Early childhood and school settings
  • Community health and hospital settings

Our resources are readily available by visiting our Better Health Shop.